Holiday time is for dear old Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, elves and other holiday characters.  Entertainment can include shows, face art, balloons, strolling interactive fun plus other wonderful ideas to make your holiday event the best it can be.

  Holiday Characters

Mrs. Claus

Santa Claus



Peppermint all dressed for the holidays.  Perfect for welcoming in Santa, performing holiday comedy magic shows, holiday balloon animals plus face painting.  Strolling, meet & greet entertainment adds festivity to your event.



Ruby the elf is Santa's smallest helper.  Her show includes holiday comedy magic, face painting, strolling interactive fun and helping Santa.  


Snowflake the Elf and her sidekick "Frostbite."  Her 30 min. show includes magic with 2 bird friends.  Water freezes before your eyes.  Holiday wrapping is torn & restored.  A handful of feathers turns into a live bird.  "Frostbite" the cockatoo does holiday impressions.  This can be combined with face painting and strolling walk-around fun.
Punkin' the elf loves the holidays and is right there to help Santa.  In fact, sometimes we have to remind him he's not Santa!  His show includes holiday comedy magic plus holiday balloons and face painting.
Yerkle and Baxter, both elves, enjoy helping Santa and playing with the kids.  Balloons, comedy magic and lots of fun!
Heather as the Grinchette is full of mischief and fun.  Great for walkaround entertainment at your holiday event.
Heather on stilts as a beautiful angel.  Not only is this great for your event ambiance but she's also a talented entertainer.
Heather as an elf.  She's there to help entertain the kids while they're waiting to see Santa.  You can also hire her to work part of the time on stilts and part of the time 'on foot' as either the elf or the Grinchette.



       Mrs. Claus


Mrs. Claus is available to help Santa with the kids.  She also entertains with storytelling, reindeer puppets, holiday magic and fun.  She lets the kids know what kind of cookies Santa loves, how to take care of the reindeer and tells them wonderful stories about the North Pole.  



Santa Claus     


Sh-h-h-h   He knows if you are sleeping, he knows if you're awake.  He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!


Santa Art

Santa Cliff

Santa Bill

Santa Bob


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