Whatever type of event you are planning, we have the entertainment for you.  

                         We specialize in the best of the best.  

                         In other words, you can be assured of quality entertainment at your event:

- Professional Clowns who entertain with a variety of skills

- Pirates, Leprechauns and Cowgirls - Oh My!

- Strolling, Close-up magic, Parlor Magic, Stage and Illusions

- Physical Comedians, Stand-up Comedians, Specialty Comedy Acts

- Hand and cheek designs as well as full face designs

- Balloon animals, balloon sculptures, balloon hats

- Incredible artwork using your face as the canvas

- Stage Show, Street Performing, Strolling

- Great for the visual draw to your event.  Some also juggle.

- These can be themed to your event

- Very popular with all ages

- Performances of fire manipulation

- Mentalists, crystal ball, Tarot card readers, palm readers

- Puppeteers as well as ventriloquists for stage and walk-arounds

- Inflatables, Concession Stands, Espresso Carts, Pony Rides, etc.


(503) 281-7393 (Voice) * (503) 335-8568 (FAX)

PO Box 13187 * Portland, OR   97213