Company Picnics come in all sizes and can vary significantly depending on number of children, length of picnic, what other types of entertainment (if any) are going to be there, location, etc.

Peppermint can offer the most fun ever to your picnic.

Face Painting is always one of the most popular types of entertainment at any event.  Peppermint specializes in full-face designs.  Of course, if a child only wants a small hand or cheek design, she offers lots of designs for them to choose from.  However, once you see the full-face designs, that's what most will want (now and in the future).  This takes 2 to 2-1/2 min. per face...or approximately 25 faces per hour.

Balloon art (or balloon twisting) is also popular.  From the small balloon animals, to the sculptures to the hats, balloons are colorful and fun.  Balloons take 1 to 1-1/2 min. per creation...or approximately 40 balloons per hour.

A comedy magic show entertains everyone (children as well as adults) for 20 to 30 min.  Full of audience participation and lots of laughs, this magic show offers new tricks each year as the show changes frequently to keep it fresh and new.



Organized games can include non-competitive play with parachutes as well as the more traditional relay races and themed games.  All supplies for the games are provided by Peppermint.  Prizes / ribbons / awards are optional and up to the company to provide.




Meet & Greet is a wonderful way for your picnic to start.  Peppermint will welcome everyone, making everyone feel right at home and let them know what fun surprises await them throughout the event.

Strolling entertainment is interactive fun that involves lots of people at any one time.  This might include pocket magic, sticker fun, "funny picnic items", parachute play, etc.  This works especially well with large groups of people as well as large picnic areas.

What can be done at each picnic depends on a number of variables, most importantly, how many children are anticipated.

Prices start at $450 for 3 hours.  Each additional hour is $150.

There may be a travel fee depending on where the picnic is being held.

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