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Pre-Teen Parties

Adult Parties

Birthday Parties have always been Peppermint's specialty.  They're known as The Peppermint Party.

There is no age limit to the parties that Peppermint entertains for.  The show can be adjusted to any age group.  The most common children's party is for ages 2-8.  Here's what will happen:


When Peppermint arrives, she will basically take over, letting you sit back and relax.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  She'll start with making a special birthday hat out of balloons for the birthday child and everyone will sing "Happy Birthday".  Then, she'll play one or two non-competitive games.  



This is followed by a comedy magic show, where your child is the star.  The final magic trick is making a miniature birthday cake (a Hostess Cupcake).  




Tricksy Rabbit (a puppet) makes an appearance and tries to perform his own magic trick.  Then, Peppermint will make balloon animals for all the children.



This is the basic party which lasts 60 minutes (plus an extra 30+ for the face painting - see below).  The price depends on how many children are at the party.   Please call for more information.

In addition, Face Painting is part of the party.  Peppermint specializes in full-face designs.  She also does small hand / cheek designs for those who prefer.  This takes about  30+ minutes and the fee is included as a package price.

Parties held outside of the Portland area may be subject to a small travel fee.

There is an also an additional fee if the party is for more than one child's birthday.  For instance, two friends sharing the same party; two siblings, etc.

If you're booking a party for the first time, a $50 deposit is required to reserve your date.  You can address it to:  Peppermint, PO Box 13187, Portland, OR 97213

Peppermint also offers a pre-teen party for 9-12 year olds.  The basic party takes 90 minutes and includes the balloon hat for the birthday child, a comedy magic show, plus each child learns how to balance and manipulate a peacock feather and gets to take one home.  In addition, there will be a balloon making workshop where the children learn how to make their own balloon animals.  They will take an armload of balloons that they've created home with them.

There is a maximum of 15 children for these parties.  Prices vary, so please call for more information.

The entire party including the face painting is approximately 2 hours.

Yes, Peppermint also does adult parties.  Of course, they're G-rated.  There are different options available.  The most popular is her "This Is Your Life" comedy magic show which is created special for the birthday adult.  Information about the guest of honor is given to Peppermint ahead of time and a show is specially created to highlight the hobbies, habits, funny stories, etc. about the birthday person.

Balloon hats, face painting, running fun 'children's' games for the adults can also be added. 

Price varies.

(503) 281-7393 (Voice) * (503) 335-8568 (FAX)

PO Box 13187 * Portland, OR  97213